One Final Shot At World Series With Boston’s Current Core

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By Josh Nord – @Nordjoshua

If you had any ideas of of keeping this postseason window open after this year, let me put that to bed now.  This is world series or bust.  A third straight year of playoffs with as many question marks and anxiousness as last year.

Top record in baseball and what does that get us?  A best of five against the third best record in baseball.  A team that was a game away from the world series last year, and a team that’s dogged you all season.

A team that absolutely thrashed its wild card “challenge,” and is roaring into Fenway with momentum and intensity.

None of which should matter.  This is the 2018 Boston Red Sox, a team that broke its franchise record for wins.

A team that has two top five MVP candidates and a top three Cy Young candidate.

They’re good.

You’re better.

Two games at Fenway, courtesy of a top seed that the Sox have not enjoyed the two past years.  This organization has done everything they can to keep Sale healthy.  They’ve done everything they can to keep this whole team healthy with a coaching philosophy that has drawn as much admiration as it has criticism.  For the regular season it’s paid off, but the shadow of the last few years of the Farrell led Sox looms over.

You can hold yourself saying you got beat by the eventual pennant winners.  Though it hardly makes one playoff victory in the past two years any less embarrassing.

Boston has won at Fenway against the Yankees seven to three.  The Yankees haven’t lost a single game at Yankee stadium last year’s playoffs.  The last two seasons, the oh so important game one in the ALDS has blown up in your face spectacularly both times.  Injuries, miscues, shellings.  The Red Sox have endured all of this as they bowed out in the first round.

Now it’s the Yankees.  It’s time to show up and let the world know Boston is back, and what better way to prove this by eliminating its historic rival after 162 games of trash talk.

This is likely the last chance for Boston to take a title with this group.  It’s been managed poorly, way over budget, and suffered from all types of bad luck.  All of which can be fixed with a go at a title.

You got it done with game one.  A must win, keep the ball rolling.




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