David Price Delivers A Prized Gift to His Haters And E-Rod Is Worse

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By Ted Gay  –  @TedG63

If it had been Chris Sale, Rick Porcello or Eduardo Rodriguez who lay the giant stinking turd that David Price did in Game 2, it would have been bad.  But we all would have been in the same sinking boat.

But it was David Price, the most polarizing figure in Boston sports, who underperformed costing the Red Sox home field advantage in the divisional round.  Those who had been ignoring Price’s impressive regular season numbers because they said he would choke in the playoffs were right. I believed, against all evidence, that Price would perform admirably against the Yankees.  Now I not only do I have to listen to the many voices saying “I told you so,” but I have to acknowledge they were right. If you hate David Price Saturday night was a lose/win. For Price supporters, it was a double loss.  Thanks, David. Are you sure you don’t want to try the free agent market?

Alex Cora was completely correct in pulling Price after he only managed to get five outs.  It was the first time a Sox fan has said: “Thank heavens it’s Joe Kellly.” At that moment the Red Sox incompetent bullpen could not have produced a less effective pitcher than David Price.  It’s enough to make you want to bring back public shaming.

For all it’s failing the bullpen has been decent in one facet of the game.  They have kept the Sox in the game when they fall behind, which is what first Joe Kelly, then Brandon Workman, and finally Ryan Brashier.

Over six innings the Sox offense could not get on track, sans a Boegart homerun.  Hard hit balls were snagged, others found gloves. Then along came E-Rod.

If you thought David Price turned in the worst appearance by a starter in game two, you would be wrong.  Eduardo Rodriguez has been counted on as a key part of the postseason bullpen. Then he can’t get his ass off the pitcher’s mound to make a play at first base in a high-pressure playoff situation.   That play was more infuriating than his surrendering a three-run bomb to Sanchez. How does a pitcher came out of the pen in Game Two of the playoffs against the Yankees and act like he doesn’t give a damn?   In the immortal words of Dennis Eckersley “YUUUUCCCCH!”

Of course, Eduardo Nunez didn’t do the Boston faithful any favors with his error in the middle of the Yankee rally.   Nunez is primarily playing because Rafael Devers is a defensive liability. Nunez is like a designated drive doing shots at the bar.  Can we please let Brock Holt take the wheel in the Bronx?

If not Holt then someone is going to have to step up and take the wheel to steer this team out of the Bronx and back to Fenway for either Game 5 or Game 1 of the ALCS.

I’m sticking with Sox in five.  As Bruce Springsteen said, “At the end of every hard day people find some reason to believe.”



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