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By Ted Gay  –  @TedG63

I checked my Twitter feed this morning and saw the grim face of Webmaster Terrance Cushman looking like he was about to announce the second invasion of Pearl Harbor.  Instead, he informed us that Alex Cora was starting Eduardo Nunez at third base tonight not only risking a defeat, but also “losing a chunk of the fan base forever.” My God!  If the Red Sox lose a chunk of their fanbase the franchise will collapse if the franchise collapses then Major League Baseball will collapse, and it MLB collapses the country will soon follow.  I, for one, refused to sit idly by while Alex Cora destroys the United States of America!

I am a big believer in my ability to jinx the Red Sox.  If your team wins a big game, you must watch the next game in the same spot especially when the entire weight of the nation is on your shoulders.  Unfortunately, the America hating security at Gillette Stadium would not allow me to stream the game from where I watched Game Two, in Section 325 high above the visiting sideline.  I had to decide between jinxing the nation, getting a room at the Red Fox Inn or streaming the game behind a dumpster at the Pro Shop.  I picked the dumpster.

In the first inning, my efforts were rewarded.  Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi singled, JD Martinez doubled, and Xander Boegarts grounded out for a 2-0 Sox lead.

In the bottom half, the entire world nearly tilts on its axis.  With two runners on and one out the ball found Nunez when Yuri Gurriel grounded to him.  Nunez was fooled into taking it on a bad hop and barely got his throw to second beating Alex Bregman.  Luckily, the stock markets closed, strangely up two points before the ground ball, as investors were unaware of the threat starting Nunez was to the nation.

Both pitchers settled down for the next few innings, aided by the thing the “in the know” Sox fans cry is meaningless every time JBJ makes an out:  Outstanding outfield defense. Divine intervention saved the nation when Nunez pulled up lame at first base and was replaced by the man who just this morning was hailed as our lone hope:  God bless you, Rafael Devers! Our savior has arrived.

Then, in the next inning, Bregman hit the would be third out to the right of Devers, with  Jose Altuve on first. Devers did a backhand pose and prayed the ball bounced in his glove, which it failed to do, and the game was tied.  Irony sucks!

The Red Sox fans had their play to rue over, at least until Game 4, and probably through the cold winter.   The expected bad news barely had time to register when Steve Pierce, the guy who those “in the know” say shouldn’t be playing because he has Hanley’s spot, homored to put the Sox ahead by a slim run.

Nathan Eovaldi finished up another excellent start in the sixth, one that would have been even better if third base wasn’t a turnstile.   The game was in the hands of the Wheel of Inglorious Bastards who would have to protect a one-run lead for three innings. Ryan Braiser got through the seventh by retiring the best October bat in baseball, Bregman, with Altuve on.

In the eighth AJ Hinch turned to the worst idea Jeff Luhnow ever had, former Blue Jay and lengthy suspension server Roberto Osuna better known from the phrase “Thank God the Astros have Roberto Osuna,” which has been said repeatedly by every other contender and their fan base since August.  After JD Martinez flew out, Xavier Bogaerts singled, Pierce ground into a fielder’s choice, Devers reminded us why he is on the team by singling, then Osuna did what he is best known for, hitting people, both pinch hitters Brock Holt and designated free pass recipient Mitch Moreland.  JBJ continued Osuna’s enjoyable meltdown by putting the ball in the right-field bleachers and leaving the Astros fans and Sox followers “in the know” to ask what happened to their unbeatable wonders. Edwin Rodriguez got a much needed clean three out ninth.

Most importantly the Republic survived Cora starting Nunez.  I am still confused about how this move was not a disaster. It said so, by those “in the know” right on the Internet.

“Those who know don’t say, and those who say don’t know.”

Da Mayor – “Do The Right Thing”



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