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By Ted Gay  –  @TedG63

How important is the douchebag factor?  The Dodgers were already baseball’s biggest douchebags by merely having Yusil Puig on their roster. When they added Manny Machado they became the douchebag kings.  It is the postseason when preventing base runs is paramount so Machado can clip the first baseman’s leg or slide into second with spikes high without retribution.  An unchecked douchbag is a dangerous thing. Machado kneeing Jesus Aguilar in Game 4 unsettled the Brewers who lost the contest and the series lead, never to retake it. The Sox have to ignore Machado, or any other Dodger’s chippy behavior and not get caught up in their unprofessional bullshit.

How will Boston measure up to Los Angeles celebrities?   This is the World Series.  There have to be stars in the stands for the Fox cameras to fawn over.  The Dodgers will have Jason Bateman, Larry King and the old guy who sits next to Mary Hart and went full Costanza on an ice cream providing two innings worth of entertainment during last year’s series, and other celebrities sprinkled about the stands. Since Ben Affleck lost his balls to Jennifer Garner in the divorce agreement the best we have to hope for is Stephen King and with any luck Mark Wahlberg.  If not then precious Fenway seating will be taken up by the cast of 911 as Peter Krause tries to act like he is a Red Sox fan and Angela Bassett tries to act like she cares.

How long can a fan base tolerate Joe Buck?  I was President of the Joe Buck haters, and that fury was temporarily relit as recently as Saturday night, when Buck suggested that Kenley Jenson was going to pitch three innings when the rest of the world knew Clayton Kershaw was getting the ball in the ninth, but his self-effacing appearance on the IFC comedy Brockmire, including this clip, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muDrK8DlQ84)  which answers the question “has Joe Buck ever had a finger up his butt” has endeared him to my heart.

Which manager has the edge?  Speaking of Kershaw, why did Dave Roberts pitch him in the ninth with a four-run lead?  It is good to have a game plan but sometimes the circumstances of the game cause you to deviate from the plan.  Cora has the edge because he is better at adjusting his game plan to adapt to what is happening on the field. Follow up question:   Will Roberts be the first manager of a visiting team to get a standing ovation at Fenway when he is announced before Game One?

WTF Chris Sale?  Imagine if David Price had missed Game 5 because his belly button ring gave him an infection?  People would need more bandwidth to hear and read all the vitriol that would be slung at Price.  Granted, Price arrived at this series with much more baggage than Sale, including his days as a headhunting Ray, when he was the biggest douchebag in baseball, but, if Sale gets hit in his next start his reputation will turn from Jon Lester to Oil Can Boyd.  Sale’s claim is the first time that anyone has said he missed a game because`”I kept putting it in and taking it out” and it was a non-Cytalis related injury.

Who will win?  The Red Sox are the better team.  If you poured all their numbers and the Dodgers’ numbers into a computer, the result would be a Sox win.  But the games aren’t played on computers If the Red Sox and Dodgers were to play 20 seven game series the Sox won win 13 of them.  Let’s hope this series doesn’t end up like the other seven.



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