Your Red Sox-Dodgers 2018 World Series Background Cheat Sheet!

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By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

Well folks, we made it.  We are going to the World Series.  And this should be a matchup for the ages.  When you think of the history of the two teams playing, the Red Sox and Dodgers, you have to be excited for the historical impact alone.  However, I know we can all agree when I say it would be nice to sweep the Dodgers dominantly.

When you look at our two teams, in recent years, there is quite a bit of history.  If you may not have been following, what I offer is a recap of the most notable story lines and pieces of information for you to prepare for this amazing series.

 I will start with the story of Dave Roberts, who all should know as the catalyst for breaking our championship drought, now the current manager of the Dodgers.  With Mariano Rivera on the mound, the greatest closer of all time, the Yankees had a one run lead with just three outs remaining to send the Yanks to the World Series.  Kevin Millar led off the bottom of the ninth with a walk, which led to Dave Roberts being sent out to pinch run.  The whole world knew Roberts was going to try and steal second since he was acquired by the Red Sox for exactly that purpose.  Rivera tried three pick-off attempts to try and dissuade Roberts, but then with the fourth pitch he threw it home. Posada took the pitch and threw to second with the fastest release time he had ever had ( but Roberts made it to second by the hair of his chin.  Bill Mueller did the rest and we ended up coming back from a three game deficit for the biggest comeback in ALCS history.  To simplify things, Dave Roberts is part of one of the most iconic moments with our team, and we wouldn’t have made it to the 2004 World Series without him.  Watch for a welcome return, but hopefully Roberts isn’t as happy with the outcome of this series, as his last with Boston.

One of my favorite Red Sox-Dodgers related pieces, is what happened in 2012.  For some unknown reason, the Dodgers agreed to take on Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto for Rubby De La Rosa, Allen Webster, James Loney and Jerry Sands.  In what will forever be known as the “Nick Punto Trade”, the Dodgers allowed the Red Sox to dump a massive amount of salary, allowing us to acquire the pieces we needed for our World Series Championship in 2013.  The trade was a highway robbery by our front office, but it allowed for my favorite Red Sox teams of all time to exist. Thanks Dodgers!

Finally, we see the return of the infamous weasel, Manny Machado.  I choose my words exactly, because Machado has been nothing short of a weasel since he has played Boston, and especially in his most recent series with the Brewers.  Machado has a long history of being a pest against the Red Sox, most notably when he slid into Dustin Pedroia at second, making a knee injury even worse for Pedroia. Pedroia has been a physical mess since, and Machado has done nothing to lose the moniker of “dirty.”   He slid into another middle infielder, Orlando Arcia, against the Brewers, and also went out of his way to step on Jesus Aguilar at first base.  This guy is a slight on the game, and to make matters even worse, he wants nothing more then to be a Yankee this offseason.  Keep an eye on Manny for his antics, and hopefully our boys can stay safe.

On a side note, look towards Mookie to get some starts at second base this series.  A natural second baseman, Mookie did get some reps this year at the position.

Overall, every baseball fan should be excited for this series. Whether you are a Red Sox fan or a Dodger fan, the History that is about to take place cannot be denied.  But at the end of the day, nothing would be more beautiful then a sweep for us Sox fans, because at the end of the day, its Boston or bust.



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