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By Ted Gay –  @TedG63

The 1972-1974 Oakland Athletics were a bunch of assholes.  We’d have them shut down for the first five innings, put them in a hole, their dugout would stir, Joe Rudi would look at the scoreboard, Reggie Jackson would calculate how many runs they would need, and before you could finish your Hood Ice Cream Bar, the best cuisine Fenway had to offer in the late Nixon years, the lead was gone and Rollie Fingers was in the game to break bats and take names.

This Red Sox team is the closest to the 70s Athletics to take the field since Ziggy Stardust dropped.  Benny says to Betts “we need three this inning,” Betts says to Vasquez “get a two-out hit, we’ll get you home,” and before Dave Roberts realizes he is at the absolute edge of no return, the Sox are ahead 4-2.

While the baseball world waits for the Dodgers to show up, they seem content to wait for the end of the world.  A two-run lead against the Yankees could be wiped out with a couple of swings; the Astros could score two runs while you took a piss break.  The Dodgers have yet to show any trace of competitive fire.

Maybe when they return to the city of angels and constant dangers the Sons of Dave Robert’s will awaken.  The past two nights they played apprehensively, knowing the Red Sox offense, as relentless as the rain, would soon overwhelm them.   Perhaps it was the cold weather or the fans who border the right-field bullpen who didn’t welcome the opposing hurlers with pumpkin lattes and Hawaain pizzas.  They have made a Red Sox bullpen, which even the most die-hard fan was concerned about on October 1, look like the Nasty Boys.

There has been a smell about this Dodgers team in the late innings of the first two games, and it has been the stench of quitters who just want to get back to Los Angelas where the sun always shines, the temperature is perfect, the fans are gentile, and the Hula Hula Boys sing “Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana ka puana.”

Then there is Price Arisen, the best pitcher on the Boston staff.  All of us who defended Price against harsh criticism, and had to eat shit after he failed against the Yankees, have been redeemed along with the tall lefty.  Two more wins and signing Price will have proven to be a brilliant move. It would serve all those Boston fans, tweeters, bloggers, podcasters, and radio personalities who took such severe delight in endlessly thrashing Price, right if he decided to cash in and take his talents elsewhere next year.

Hell, two more wins and John Lackey for Allan Craig and Joe Kelly will look like a great deal.

Will there be a different Dodger team in  La La Land? One that will stop making Nathan Eovaldi and Craig Kimbrel look like Sparky Lyle and Rich Gossage?  One that doesn’t begin packing up the bat bags and saying “we’ll get ‘em tomorrow,” in the seventh inning? If not, and we have seen the best LA has to offer, strike the tents, there will be no more baseball at Fenway this year.

“It was midnight in Topanga

I heard the DJ say

There’s a full moon rising

Join me in L.A”

Warren Zevon






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