Getting Banned From The Remy Report

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By Terry Cushman – @cushmanMLB

For those who are reading this, be thankful you belong to a group who allows you to freely express your thoughts and opinions on the Red Sox, no matter how optimistic or pessimistic as they may be.

Earlier this offseason, I joined the ranks of hundreds, if not thousands of Red Sox fans who have been banned from the Remy Report facebook group. It occurred after I had shared blog post I had authored, as I have done several times. Not one instance of profanity was used. I had not criticized any member, moderator, or administrator in the group. I was doing what everyone else does on Red Sox themed facebook groups, which was simply being a Red Sox fan.

As a founder and administrator of a fairly active Red Sox facebook group myself, I always preach fairness to my fellow moderators and administrators. Members who do use profanity, especially in a way that is disrespectful of others, are automatically banned. But most importantly of all, I tell my administrators that on all topics Red Sox related, their own thoughts and opinions on those very topics, matter the least. What matters the absolute most, is that each member of the group has complete freedom to express their thoughts on the Red Sox. The last thing I would ever tolerate, is for my own mods/admin to attempt to control or suppress other people’s narratives.

In the last several weeks, I have interacted with dozens of other Red Sox fans, who all participate and contribute to dozens of other groups. Some of which have thousands upon thousands of members. Each of those people, male and female, shared their experiences of also getting banned from the Remy Report. None of their instances would be remotely deemed capital offenses in any other group. All of these people continue to be active in Red Sox groups all across facebook without incident.

Last season, CBS Sports very accurately and eloquently published an article which declared that the Red Sox had the most intense fan base in not only Major League Baseball, but in all of American sports. We have our David Price huggers/haters, Dustin Pedroia huggers/haters. The bullpen often feels our wrath. As might the manager at times, especially the one who was fired after 2017. The criticism is always abundant. And it doesn’t matter if the Red Sox are in first place or last place. It’s who we are, and who we always will be.

At the end of the day, The Remy Report moderators and administrators can treat Red Sox fans any way they want, fairly or unfairly. They can choose which rules they enforce for which ever members they choose, including banning you for not breaking a single rule at all.

However, what the Remy Report most definitely can NOT do, is claim they are a true representation of Red Sox fans.



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2 Replies to “Getting Banned From The Remy Report”

  1. I feel your pain over this, oh so true article. I was a member of the Remy Report for several years before Trish finally banned me for my opinions. I was reinstated but was held to higher standards than the “favored” commenters. I then quit on my own because I will not be told what I can share in a reasonable way.

    The kicker in this story is ironic. My name is Scott Remy and Jerry Remy is my cousin, 2nd cousin actually. I hardly ever even think about the “report” anymore unless someone else brings it up. My advice if you choose to check it out, don’t get on Trish’s bad side. She is holier than thou and is a dictator. I don’t hold this against Jerry because he has very little to do with the site.

    Can’t miss what you don’t care about!

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